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RM Graphics App Help

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    Formatting in the Description Editor


    There are three headings: h1, h2, and h3. To insert them, put the number of pound signs (#) on it’s own line, followed by the heading. For example,

    # This creates a H1 heading (largest).
    ## This creates a H2 heading (medium).
    ### This creates a H3 heading (smallest).

    Headings can NOT be in lists.

    To insert a link, put your link text in square brackets, followed immediately by the URL in parentheses (no spaces). For example,

    [name of link](

    Bold & Italics

    To make text either bold or italicized, surround the text with either one star (for italics) or two stars (for bold). For example,

    *This text will be italicized*
    **This text will be bold**


    To add unordered lists with bullet points, each point should be on its own line, with a dash before each point. For example,

    - List item 1. Notice the dash and space before this text.
    - List item 2
    - List item 3

    You can include other formatting elements in the list, such as bold, italics, and links.

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    Navigating the Toolbar

    Each view while in the dashboard has several links and tools to help you navigate products.

    1. Create New button: click this to create a new product.
    2. Dashboard button: click this to return to the dashboard.
    3. Logout button: click this to log out of your account.
    4. Help button: click this to view this help page.
    5. Jump to SKU ID: use this tool to instantly jump to a product by pasting it’s SKU ID in.
      • Edit brings you to the product information editor.
      • Edit Media brings you to upload the media for the product.
      • View lets you see the product in the catalog (opens new tab).
    ⚠️ Known Issues with Jump to SKU ID

    You cannot “jump” to other products in the same editor consecutively. This means that if you “edit” a product with SKU ID “A”, then try to edit a product with SKU ID “B”, it will not work.

    A workaround right now is to jump to a different editor. In the above example, jumping to “edit media” then to “edit” will work.

    This is a known issue that will be fixed.

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