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RM Graphics App Help

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    Formatting in the Description Editor


    There are three headings: h1, h2, and h3. To insert them, put the number of pound signs (#) on it’s own line, followed by the heading. For example,

    # This creates a H1 heading (largest).
    ## This creates a H2 heading (medium).
    ### This creates a H3 heading (smallest).

    Headings can NOT be in lists.

    To insert a link, put your link text in square brackets, followed immediately by the URL in parentheses (no spaces). For example,

    [name of link](

    Bold & Italics

    To make text either bold or italicized, surround the text with either one star (for italics) or two stars (for bold). For example,

    *This text will be italicized*
    **This text will be bold**


    To add unordered lists with bullet points, each point should be on its own line, with a dash before each point. For example,

    - List item 1. Notice the dash and space before this text.
    - List item 2
    - List item 3

    You can include other formatting elements in the list, such as bold, italics, and links.

    YouTube Videos

    Right now, YouTube videos are not directly embeddable inside of the description editor with just Markdown. There is a workaround based on this StackOverflow answer:

    First, you will need the video ID of the YouTube video. For example, with the video, the bold part will be the video ID.

    Then, paste this text into the description editor:

    [![<<VIDEO_TITLE>>](<<VIDEO_ID>>/0.jpg)](<<VIDEO_ID>> "<<VIDEO_TITLE>>")

    You will want to replace <<VIDEO_ID>> and <<VIDEO_TITLE>> respectively with your Video ID that you found above, and the title of the video that you want to show on hover. You can use the “Preview” feature to double check that it is displaying properly. If done correctly, you will see the thumbnail of the video, which if clicked, will open up the video in YouTube.

    An example of what it looks like when displayed:

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    Navigating the Toolbar

    Each view while in the dashboard has several links and tools to help you navigate products.

    1. Create New button: click this to create a new product.
    2. Dashboard button: click this to return to the dashboard.
    3. Logout button: click this to log out of your account.
    4. Help button: click this to view this help page.
    5. Jump to SKU ID: use this tool to instantly jump to a product by pasting it’s SKU ID in.
      • Edit brings you to the product information editor.
      • Edit Media brings you to upload the media for the product.
      • View lets you see the product in the catalog (opens new tab).
    ⚠️ Known Issues with Jump to SKU ID

    You cannot “jump” to other products in the same editor consecutively. This means that if you “edit” a product with SKU ID “A”, then try to edit a product with SKU ID “B”, it will not work.

    A workaround right now is to jump to a different editor. In the above example, jumping to “edit media” then to “edit” will work.

    This is a known issue that will be fixed.

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